The Start to a New Journey

My first blog post!

AGH! (Squealing like the little girl that I am!)

This is exiting and terrifying and everything good and bad at the same time. I’ve always known I wanted to start a blog but I could never find the right topic to write about. I’ve wanted to write about everything and anything.

I realize that I should NOT do that. Those are boring and off topic and you wonder to yourself how in the heck did you get here!

I will warn now this is for personal musings and things I learn while on this wonderful journey. There will be the occasional rant and all things considered silly stories and anecdotes that I find here and there.

I will keep this post short as it’s just an introduction as to what this will mainly be about. I recently discovered a different side of me and well I’ll be honest, I’m scared shitless.

I don’t know what brought you here, may it be my Fetlife profile or something else. However, I’m glad! I want to share this with everyone!  I think everyone can benefit from being more knowledgeable about things.

In this case, BDSM.

I’d like to believe I’m knowledgeable and I do know a few things, but just from reading and countless research. I have NO experience whatsoever! So if you are someone looking for a pro… well sorry!

I’m also not a very good writer, although it’s a dream to publish millions of books. Wishful thinking I know, but anyhow. This is my journey into figuring out if any of this is for me.

I know there is quite a difference between fantasy and reality and well its one thing to get off on BDSM erotica than to actually live it. Maybe it’s my low self esteem or shyness that has me backing out of meeting anyone, vanilla or otherwise kinky so hence my zero experience.

So, there goes it. A brief intro into all my crazy thoughts and where I hope to be in the future.

Thank you for reading!

Laters baby!


-Princess Mila


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