So I read this book…

Maybe it’s because I literally just finished reading it, or the book is just that good, but I’m going to talk about this book. Well, mostly how I felt reading it and after I read it…

It’s “Buy me Sir by Jade West” and I absolutely could not put it down! It was sick and twisted and dark. My, was it ever dark. Its the type of book that makes you wonder if you are a sociopath deep down because I was so turned on while reading the whole thing I felt sick. And horny, please lets not forget horny!

I’m unashamed to say  I loved every word on that book, or to admit I masturbated a lot over it. This is not a book review, although I most definitely recommend you read it! (Free with Kindle Unlimited).

Ok, seriously focus Camila! This book is just so well written! I love all BDSM theme books and well I’ll even admit to enjoy reading  50 Shades, although that was not what turned me into the lifestyle. And honestly if we’re talking about BDSM books we would need to talk about Nikki Sex. Now, that’s a brilliant author.

Seriously Camila, bad girl! Focus!

Anyhow! I guess I wanted to mention this book because it was so different from the other ones I’ve read that made me wonder and question myself a lot. (After multiple orgasms of course). There are so many types of submissive women, like littles, baby-girls, and slaves and all these other that will take forever to write. I am still so conflicted over the feelings this book brought on to me.

The way she had absolutely no limits when it came to pleasing Him, it was for lack of better word… Thrilling. Giving someone that control, that power to do whatever they want to you.


So of course, this arose the question as to which kind of submissive I am. And you know what? I refuse to be labeled as just one thing! I can relate to a little bit of everything! I love being a slave, and a pet and my obsession with glitter and arts and crafts make me feel little.

Why do I have to be just one thing? I am a submissive little pet slave. Gosh, I love puns!

Laters baby!


-Princess Mila


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