Slight stalker

I find myself lately people watching more than I’m used to. Maybe I’m more of a creep than I let on, but either way I cant help but watch these people go about their daily lives. It’s always been a habit of mine to go somewhere and just sit and look at how others live and go about their day.

Weird obsession I know, but I love it.

I don’t drive and highly doubt I ever will, (have a big driving phobia) so I take public transport everywhere. Lately, everywhere I go, I find myself asking how people like to get fucked. This is by far the weirdest thoughts I have ever had while riding the subway, so Edward if you’re out there… STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!

I’ve always played a game where I pretend to imagine what the person is thinking, or if I saw a car driving by fast I’d imagine the reason behind it.

The game stuck.

Sometimes I’d get one of my friends – when I had friends nearby- and I would get them to come with me to sit at the mall and make up stories about the people we would see.

Not sure how my little game progressed to imagining when the last time they had sex or if they are plainly vanilla people, but this morning on my way to work I sat next to this really pretty woman. She is definitely way older than me, but maybe not by a lot, in her 30’s for sure. Now, I’m a routine kind of gal, always follow the same patterns and rarely change things up. With that said, this is a woman I see almost every day on my way to work. Sometimes we sit together sometimes not. Today, we did not sit together but she smiled at me as I passed her and that has stuck with me all day.

As I sat behind her on the bus I kept imagining where she was going and if she had someone special at home. Maybe she has kids, and a husband or is a single parent. The world may never know, but me sitting behind her this morning all I really wanted to know was if she liked being tied up? Did she enjoy gentle sex or rough fucking?

I think this happens more often with women than with men. I often wonder if the guy next to me on the bus is a virgin or if he’s had sex recently, but I’m more fascinated with women’s sex lives.

I will admit I have the biggest crush on the girl that works at a bakery at one of the stops on my daily commute. I always look for her when the bus stops in front of her job and I feel weird for saying this since I dont know the first thing about her, but I always search for her in the mornings and I get so sad when she is not there! It’s irrational and wrong but I can’t help it. I always tell myself I will go in one day and at least talk to her, but I never get the courage.

The other day was the first time I had seen her in months! I was beginning to think I lost my chance and she had gotten a new job and left this one. But alas she was there on Friday! I was so happy! I had the biggest smile on my face and when she looked up we made eye contact! It was beyond surreal I couldn’t look away. And neither did she! It was a shame the bus had to keep on going, oblivious to the turmoil going on inside me.

Who’s to say this girl even like girls? I wouldn’t mind having plain vanilla sex with her if it meant I could have her just once! I’m coming off topic, yet again, so I will wrap it up and say this.

How many people do you think we pass by each day with probably the same kinks as ourselves and don’t even realize it? What are the odds of the person you share the bus with or the local coffee shop owner that serves you your coffee gets turned on by the same things as you?

Laters baby!


-Princess Mila


6 thoughts on “Slight stalker

  1. pcguy0681 says:

    Yes, I also often wonder how many people I might pass every day who are into the same “kinks” as myself but we will never know that fact about each other. If you don’t already, perhaps you should try to find and attend a munch in your area, and meet real people who ARE into kink! It sounds like something you may enjoy, being able to openly talk about things that would be weird to bring up to a random person sitting near you on the subway! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • princessmilablog says:

      Hahaha you are most certainly right, not sure how that conversation might go with a stranger! I have thought about going to local munches and even found one for Expats in my area but I am so incredibly awkward and shy I couldnt bring myself to approach the group!

      Liked by 1 person

      • pcguy0681 says:

        I hear you, I’m generally very shy in social situations as well. But once I finally made that first step to a Munch, it has gotten much easier ever since. Everyone is always so nice and understanding that we all are new to the scene at some point, and I’ve made some really good friends there who I can really just be myself around without having to worry about being judged. It really has been worth it!

        Liked by 1 person

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